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What is compounding? Compounding is the science of customizing, or making unique, medications tailored and designed specifically for YOU. The art of compounding has been around as long as pharmacy itself. It wasn’t until the 50’s, when large-scale drug manufacturing became a reality, that compounding began to decline from the role of pharmacists. But with a greater understanding of the human body, pharmacists are able to customize medications specifically to fit a patient’s needs.

To create compounded medications, a pharmacy must meet stringent requirements established by the California State Board of Pharmacy, as well as those established by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. We have a state of the art laboratory that is certified yearly, and over fifty years of compounding experience serving the community.

We have found there is a sizable community of patients whose needs are not being met by the drug manufacturers. There are many varied reasons for choosing custom compounded medications. Some patients are allergic to dyes or preservatives found in some medications. Another patient base of compounding are those for who standardized prescription strengths are either too high for ease of use, or insufficient to meet their needs. Now, with a prescription from a physician, we are able to change the strength of the medication or add flavors to make it easier to ingest. We are also able to change the delivery form, such as making sublingual tablets which dissolve under your tongue, or into transdermal creams where the medication is absorbed through the skin. We can compound almost all medications.

We also compound medications for veterinary applications. Like prescription compounding, this allows the veterinarian flexibility in dosing due to size and other factors.

As always, if you have any questions about compounding come in and talk to our knowledgeable pharmacists!

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Some examples of compounds we can develop:

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